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NEW RELEASE!  We Just Want to be Loved--A Message to
My African American Brothers
 by Dr. Delena Kay Flakes.
This book is not for the faint of heart!  It is raw, edgy, straight
forward and it addresses many of the issues facing the
African-American people in the United States today!  Dr. Flakes
discusses issues in this book that many are afraid to talk about
regarding sex and race, and the African-American community.  
This powerful eye opener, will not only cause African-American
men and women to pause and reflect on their past, but is will
also encourage and inspire them to change the direction of their
present in order to propel them into their prosperous future!

Pages: 224                           Soft Bound Cost: 19.99 plus S&H
          Hard Bound Cost: 24.99 plus S&H
Waiting for the Perfect Man by Dr. Delena Kay Flakes.  This
is the first book in a 7 part series of Christian Romance stories!  
As they work to wait on God for their "perfect man", they have to
deal with their own problems and issues!  Angela is strong willed,
but determined to wait for marriage.  In the mean time, she meets
the man who will give her the world, and the meets the man she

Pages: 204                                                   Cost: 10.00 plus S&H
Waiting for the Perfect Man; Patrice's Story  by Dr. Delena
Kay Flakes.  This is book two in a 7 part series of Christian
Romance stories!  Patrice was tossed in the dumpster when she
was born, by her mother.  Ms. Dee's intuition rescues Patrice from
her premature death, but can't deliver her from the living hell she
has to endure as a child.  Patrice ends up being raped, abused
and abandoned before she finds the love of her grandmother.  
Patrice's hunt for love is torn between her childhood friend, the
boy who loved her and the man who rescues her.  

Pages: 273                        Cost: 10.00 plus S&H                 
NEW RELEASE!  Waiting for the Perfect Man; Marilyn's
 by Dr. Delena Kay Flakes.  This is book three in a 7 part
series of Christian Romance stories!  Marilyn is the pastor's
daughter!  She falls for the most handsome man on the college
campus and, in one dreadful episode, she became pregnant
by him.  Forced into marriage, she later has a chance meeting
with the man she fell in love with in high school.  Now, she has
to deal with the man she married, the man who loves her and
wants to be everything she needs, and her Christian values!

Pages: 503                                                 Cost: 15.00 plus S&H
From the Head Down; Emotional Well Being for the
by Dr. Delena Kay Flakes.  This book is for the entire
family!  In today's time, the institution of the family is greatly
declining!  We all need help to keep our families strong.  This
book ministers to individual family members and then to the
family as a whole!  If you want to add to your family's well
being, then this book is for you!

Pages: 204                                              Cost: 14.99 plus S&H
NEW RELEASE!  You Might Have a Sorry Man, If...  by Dr.
Delena Kay Flakes.  Although this book addresses some tough
issues regarding relationships, when you read this book, you will
laugh until you cry!  Here are just a few examples of what you will
find inside:  

You Might have a Sorry Man if...
--you pay his car note!
--you get more support from your brazier than you get from him!
--he has more excuses than a bank has pennies!
--all of his utilities are in his momma’s name!

There is so much more inside!  PLUS  you will be able to rate
your mate at the end of the book to determine is your man is A
SORRY MAN, or a man worth keeping!

Pages: 236                                              Cost: 5.00 plus S&H
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