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About Our Business

We are a Christian publishing and production company, located in Beaumont, Texas.  We are family
owned and operated.   

It is our goal to assist those new authors, new musical artist, and new business who would other wise
go unheard, in producing Christian music, publishing Christian books, and helping to build new

After trying many unsuccessful times to attain a publisher for my books, I finally found the courage to
publish them myself!  After months and months of research, I obtained the tools that I needed to
publish my own manuscripts. Now that I have been a self-published author for over 4 years, it is now
time for me to share my knowledge and expertise with many other people like myself.  

As one of our Authors and partners, you will have your own web page which will provide our viewers
with more information about you and your book! Go to our "
Authors" page and check out one of our
authors! The next one could be YOU!!

Our business has expanded to include not only book publishing, but also music production and
theatrical productions.  Again, if you have ever dreamed about publishing your book or producing
your own music, you have come to the right place!  We pray that we will be hearing from you soon, so
that we can help you to make your dreams come true!

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