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Our Authors
Our Authors
These are our newest Authors! All of these authors were published by RAG Publishing! We offer services that meet
and surpass the standards at prices you can afford. All the while, you maintain control over your project!
Dr. Flakes also has MINISTRY SERIES:  Messages
on CD! available through our site
Delena Flakes
Dr. Delena Kay Flakes
Dr. Flakes has written several books!  You can access all
of them by advancing to her web site or by going to our
Carol Luper is a Pastor, Teacher, Lecturer, and Preacher.
She has written her book which is a collection of Bible-Based puzzles! If you
are ready to stimulate your mind and increase your knowledge about the Word
of God, then this book is for you!
Her book is entitled:
"Issues and Answers"

For more information, go to Carol Luper's Page!
"I Praise Him", By Dr. Brenda Mullin, offers the reader
a fresh look at surviving hardships! If you think you
have a testimony about over coming, then this book will
help you realize that you have much to Praise Him for!
You are not alone in your quest for completion and
See more information on Dr. Mullin's Page!   
Minister Brenda Buie-Pearson, is the author of
"You Will Grow!";  This book has been written by the author to help you in
your desire for more spiritual growth!

See Brenda's page for More Information!
Rev J.T. Harris has published his book
entitled, "Sermons in Verse". This inspirational
work consists of poems that are founded in the
Word of God!
Click here for
Rev. Harris' author Page!
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