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Our Authors
All of these authors were published by RAG Publishing! We offer services that meet and surpass the standards at
prices you can afford. All the while, you maintain control over your project!
Dr. Flakes also has MINISTRY SERIES:  Messages
on CD! available through our site
Delena Flakes
Dr. Delena Kay Flakes
Dr. Flakes has written several books!  You can access all
of them by advancing to her web site or by going to our
David L. Norman is a Pastor, Teacher, Lecturer, and Preacher.
He received his Masters of Theology Degree with Biblical Language from
Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, a Bachelor of Science and Masters of
Science Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Central Texas.
His book is entitled:
"Kingdom Keys to Effective Fasting"

For more information, go to David's Page!
Larry M. Carter
Introducing our author! He has written his book entitled, When the
Hedge is Gone
! It is an inspirational book based on the Book of Job!

For more on Larry's book, go here for Larry Carter's Author's Page!

Wilnomar, CA
Mrs. Myrtle Flakes-Captain, author of
"The Warden and His Brother; From Their Mother's Point of View";
"Twisted Fate"
and soon to be released, "Traveling is Yeast for the Soul"!

See More Information!
Jennifer Busch Walters has written her book entitled, Where Pumpkins
Really Come From!
It is a fully illustrated children's book! The story is about
a king and queen who are preparing for a celebration for their soon to be
born daughter! In their preparation, they plan to decorate with pumpkins!
This fairy tale will interest and intrigue young readers! Click here for
Jennifer's author Page!
Dr. Vaughn has just released his exposition of the 23rd
Psalm entitled, "The Lord
Is My Shepherd!  Click here,
For Randy's Author's Page
Dr. Randy G. Vaughn, Pastor; Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist
Church, Port Arthur, TX
And, RAG Author!  
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