Welcome to M.A.A.D!!!!
The M.A.A.D for the Arts Academy (Music. Acting. Art.
Dance) would like to offer you the opportunity to be part of  
encouraging the youth of Port Arthur, Texas. During the last
few years, Port Arthur students have had less than
desirable reputations, and outlooks on life. We, at M.A.A.D,
want to change the way our youth feel about themselves,
build on their talents and encourage their goals.
As members of the community, we see a need; the need for
our children to want to succeed. Through the M.A.A.D
Academy, they will be able to realize that the talents they
have can be used in positive ways. Giving children an outlet
for self expression allows them to see a dream that they
may not have known existed and build self-esteem.  We will
bring talented local artists, musicians, actors, and
choreographers to show our children that there is more to
life than being part of what the streets have to offer. They
will be taught to dance, to sing, to make music, to act, and
so much more. M.A.A.D will be teaching throughout the
school year to put on performances during the regular
school summer break. In addition to learning the arts, our
children will get help on subjects that are troubling them in
school from local tutors. We encourage our youth to
perform academically in order to be part of the program.
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We are excited about our new project and want you to be too!!!!
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