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This is M’Kenzie Kay Flakes, daughter of Garland and Delena Kay Flakes! My
Grandparents are the Late Mrs. Myrtle L. Flakes-Captain of Temple, Texas and
Ronnie & Ethel Ellis of Killeen, Texas. I pray that you are blessed and all is well
with you.

I am writing to you for one simple reason; I need your help!

Growing up, my parents always taught me to pursue my dreams. Well, after
realizing, even at a very young age, that all of the magazines in the grocery store
were about sex, lies, drugs, gossip, and fantasy lives, I wanted to create a
magazine that would be inspirational, motivational, and one that was full of stories
from REAL people. I wanted to share success stories and stories about
overcoming and achieving dreams, coming from everyday people in order to
encourage other people to do the same. I also wanted a magazine that would
feature beautiful people—those who are beautiful because they believe in
themselves and not because they that “ Perfect Size” or that “Perfect Look” or they
have six-pack abs—but simply because they believe in themselves and are not
afraid to let others know how sure they are.

After graduating from Memorial High School, Port Arthur, Texas, in May of 2009, I
began to pursue my dream. In September of 2009, I launched my magazine, The
TRUTH!—A Real Magazine, for Real People, by Real People! In September 2010, I
celebrated my first year of issues! Now, as I embark upon the second volume of
The TRUTH! Magazine, my goals are to increase circulation and to make the
magazine more available to more people in more places. By the time I graduate
from Huston-Tillotson University in 2012, I hope to be in a position where The
TRUTH! Magazine will be a full-fledged business. To do this, I need your help!

How can you help? I am so glad you asked! There are three ways: 1) Purchase an
advertisement or business listing for the magazine! You can announce a wedding,
an anniversary, a birth, a business, an opportunity, your book, your music, your
program, your church, or anything else! 2) Subscribe to the magazine! We will mail
it to you. For one year—12 months/6 issues published every other month—is just
$24! 3) You can submit your story, photos, articles, poetry, responses to surveys,
or other positive material for the magazine.

To subscribe to the magazine, purchase an ad, simply complete the forms that are
attached and return them to us at the address listed above. You can also send
your articles of submission to us at the same address. OR, to make things simple
and/or to pay by credit card, simply go to my web page at:!!

Thank you in advance for your support! May Love, Peace and The TRUTH! be

M’Kenzie Kay Flakes