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The TRUTH Magazine
R.A.G. Publishing and Productions is excited to introduce the launching of our
newly published magazine,
The TRUTH! It is a real magazine, for real people, BY
real people! This magazine will contain real life articles, from real people!  

When you turn on your television, you see beautiful, thin, highly paid and/or rich
people. When you open a magazine, you see the same thing. The ads on
television and in the magazines are the same thing! If you are tired of depending
on advice from people who have already made their own, then this magazine is for

Our articles and our ads will be from ordinary people-namely YOU! We want
your words! We want your concerns! We want to hear about your successes! We
even want to know about your failures and how you overcome! We will also spot
light our "Photo Shoot!" which will consist of the photos that you shoot of yourself!
We want the world to know that anybody can be beautiful! No matter what your
shape, size, color, race, or background, you are beautiful in your own skin! Every
month (initially every other month), our selected "Photo Shoot!" candidate will
appear on our cover, along with a brief biographical article and photo spread
inside the magazine! Just send us your photos, and your bio! (Photos by
professional photographers will be automatically rejected!)  

Advertising-most magazines charge you an arm, a leg and an insane amount of
money to advertise with them! We are currently offering a full page, full color ad
for ONLY $100!! That's right! You can advertise with us and get immediate
exposure for your product, your book, your CD, your business, etc. for ONLY
$100! Just send us the copy (what you want your ad to say) and your photos! We
will handle the graphics!  
October 31st! Get your ad in TODAY!
Submissions without the required fee will
be rejected (
Please make all payments to R.A.G. Publishing).

Re-occurring Submissions-The following is a list of our re-occuring stories that you
will have the opportunity to submit your stories to:

IT TAKES A VILLAGE - Submit your stories about your family and how they
have influenced you! You can tell us about your family reunion, your
success and the roles your family members have played in it. You can just
send us any meaningful story that relates to your family!
FATHER & SONS / MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS - Fathers and their sons, as
well as Mothers and their daughters will be able to provide their points of
view on subjects that are of interest to our young people today! We will
provide the topics of discussion, you - the parents and their children - will
provide us with your points of view! Send your photos along with your
HIGH SCHOOL HIGHLIGHTS! - Send us the news from your school! Every
month, we will select a high school to present in our magazine! Then, once a
year, we will dedicate the entire issue to one particular school! Send us your
best news and photos! This will be a great project for your journalism or
English department!
ASK KIKI - Got a question? Kiki's got the answers! Email Kiki at: ASK KIKI!
fantastic job? Great accomplishments? Scored big? Did something
inspirational? Have some motivational news? Wrote a book? Got artwork?
Stared in a movie? We want to hear about it!  
OF SPECIAL INTEREST - Any story that you think might be motivational,
inspirational, encouraging, or just too interesting to keep a secret, then
submit it to us, along with your photos!
PHOTO SHOOT! - If you have ever wanted to be a model, this is your
chance! Submit your series of original photos and poses, and submit them
to us! Our staff will review them and choose a person to represent "True
Beauty" by placing you on the cover and displaying your shoot in the center
spread of the magazine! Although we will accept swimsuit photos, we are not
looking for "bathing suit beauties"! Click here to get your copy of the rules
and necessary form for submission!  

Due to spamming, and viruses, all submissions, except "Ask KiKi" must be
submitted to the following address:

Title of your submission
 R.A.G. Publishing
 P.O. Box 13058
 Beaumont, TX 77726-3058

You can CONTACT US by email!
All submissions become the property of R.A.G. Publishing & Productions, as well
as The Truth Magazine! Please do not send any material that you want to have
returned as no submissions will be returned.

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